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GCBG’s Annual General Meeting Gets Under Way On Tuesday In The Ruhr Area

Werner Lierz, General Manager of Kocarek GmbH, a leading language service provider to German industry is pleased to once again host the regular meeting session of the Global Communication Business Group (GCBG) at the heart of the so-called Ruhrgebiet.

An area with a long tradition of being the leader in the industrial sector, whose focus has shifted towards the services sector over the last few years, the “Ruhrgebiet” - the industrial belt stretching from Düsseldorf to Dortmund - is the “perfect spot to offer a wide variety of services around languages and makes for a very unique venue for the meeting of international language experts”, says Lierz.

Lierz points out, “We are very proud to host this meeting of some of the best translation companies from around the world.” From GCBG’s beginnings in 2009, the meetings have always been more than just about business and as a result there is an extended supporting programme planned around the joint venture’s business meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some GCBG members already arrived in Essen on Saturday.

Among the guests at Kocarek headquarters in Essen’s Kronprinzenstraße are:

Mr Tai Young Kwon, Prolangs Inc.

Mr Nickson Cheng, Lingua Technologies

Liz Seymour, NZTC

Liz Robertson, Robertson Languages

Welcome to Essen!

Established in 2009, the Global Communications Business Group brings together the best in multilingual communication providers from around the world. GCBG is represented in Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. By sharing its unique experience with more businesses globally, GCBG is revolutionising the translation and localisation industry.



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