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Translators move to conference season's next stop

This year’s ALC Conference is a wild mix of valuable industry exchange, learning opportunities, and networking.

Nach der Konferenz ist vor der Konferenz: wir wärmen uns auf für die ALC Conference in Palm Springs, weshalb diese News in Englisch verfasst ist. Mehr zu den laufenden Events, Workshop und Vorträgen gibt es dann sobald die Konferenz begonnen hat auf unserer LinkedIn-Seite: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kocarek-gmbh

From Sunday, May 18, 2014 thru Wednesday, May 21, 2014 translators around the world are anticipating the main North American trade association's summit in Palm Springs, CA. While the majority of attendees is from the U.S. and Canada, there is also a smaller number of international visitors to the conference. 

Also, a handful of European LSPs will join the convention of “new and old friends”. Kocarek - being the only German attendee - is looking forward to meet their international partners in the North American market as well as exhibitors of LSP supplies. “It’s always a pleasure to share and participate in the exchange of experts of the industry” says Werner Lierz, CEO of Kocarek GmbH.

The conference schedule covers a good mix of workshops, lecture-like presentations, and fun events. The topics range from general industry data and insights to more specific rounds on sales & marketing issues as well as technology.

The speaker list reads like a who-is-who of the American translation industry landscape.

Lierz expects great opportunities for networking around several industry topics: “We are particularly keen to hear the sessions Keynote: The Art and Science of Successful Negotiations by Richard Coughlan, University of Richmond, Market or Die: Five Marketing Moves to Make NOW by Jon Goldman from Brand Launcher and The Dynamics of Running a Growing Company by Richard Brooks”.

Lierz continues: “Communication is part of our company culture. It’s a vital part of our business and day-to-day operations with our customers. Therefore we believe in the concept of having regular conferences on a national and international level”. The ALC conference from a Kocarek point of view can be followed through the company’s LinkedIn profile which can be found at http://www.linkedin.com/company/kocarek-gmbh.

Kocarek GmbH is one of Germany’s leading translation agencies, member of the GALA, EUATC and QSD, and also a partner of the international joint venture GCBG, with a multi-industry focus on quality translations. Particular focus areas include technical documentations, PR and marketing texts, market research, and the execution of medium and large size enterprise translation & localization projects for their clients. Kocarek GmbH is based in Essen, situated in the Ruhr region, the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. 


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