Prices and Delivery

In order to give you an individual and fair quotation, we analyse your documents free of charge, without obligation on your part.
After all, every translation project varies, and so do the costs. Translation prices depend on many factors, such as the structure and the difficulty of the text, the formatting, the file format, the domain and, not least, the language combinations.
We strive to provide you with a quotation that represents the best value for money, taking into account your individual quality demands and delivery deadlines.

All quotations include:

• Fair calculation
• Qualified translators and revisers
• Reliable quality
• Terminology management
• Creation of a customer-specific database for you
• Punctual delivery
• ISO 17100 certified services
• ISO 9001 certified quality management
• Personal contact

Your advantage:

• You receive a quotation with a fixed price and delivery deadline. There are no further costs for you.
• We reduce your costs over time, because we build a specific translation database for you. This means: With every translation that you commission to us, the prices will be lower for your next translation.

Get your individual quotation:

We will give you a free quotation, with no obligation on your part. Simply send us the text, or a description of the service required.

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    Data upload

    Are your files too large to send by email? Then you will get access to the secure in-house Kocarek Cloud.

    Kocarek GmbH · Fachübersetzungen aus Essen · zertifiziert nach ISO 17100

    We are certified under the international standard for translation services ISO 17100.

    „Vielen Dank für die sehr kurzfristige Realisierung des Projektes sowie die dynamische und exzellente Zusammenarbeit.“
    Manuel Lange • Project Manager • thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH
    Kocarek GmbH · Fachübersetzungen aus Essen · zertifiziert nach ISO 9001

    We are certified under the international quality management standard ISO 9001.

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