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As an ISO 17100 certified company, no translation is delivered without a multi-step review process, which takes place according to the 6-eyes principle. Because we want you to be satisfied and come back again.

Therefore, all translations are completed by specialised linguists and native speakers with translation training and years of job experience; the texts are then reviewed by revisers with equally professional competences. We commission internal and external specialists accordingly, whose work is subsequently checked by our in-house translators and project managers.

We guarantee you a high-quality translation, which you can completely rely on and which helps you score points for your public image.

We are specialised in the following domains:

Technology, Law, Economics, Marketing and Communications.

  • Editing and revisions by native-speaking professionals for German or foreign-language texts
  • Text optimisation
  • Localisation

The term “Revision” is used to describe a review process for a translation. The requirements the reviser must fulfil for this work are detailed in the ISO 17100 standard for translation services. All of our revisers meet these requirements in order to guarantee first-class translations.

A reviser’s work is very similar to that of an editor, although the reviser has an additional task: to ensure that the foreign-language target text content matches the source text.

  • Content and completeness of the translation
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Style and idiomatic language usage
  • Readability and comprehensibility, considering the target audience and the conventions of the target language
  • Linguistic consistency throughout the translation
  • Standardised terminology and usage of specialised and technical terms
  • Adherence to customer- or project-specific requirements
  • Formatting and typography

Editing generally relates to reviewing style, grammar and spelling in a text. The content and comprehensibility of an author’s text is checked and revised by an editor as well. The goal is to improve the linguistic quality and content of the text.

  • On request we edit your German texts before they are translated.
  • We also edit texts that you or your colleagues have written in a foreign language yourselves, in order to ensure a high-quality foreign language text.

The professionally trained proofreader checks the text with regard to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting and typography. However, the content of the text will not be checked. Proofreading is thus the “light” version of a review when compared to revision or editing.

In the case of a foreign-language translation, this check is, of course, carried out by a trained native-language translator.

Revision, editing and proofreading in all languages:

• Business reports
• Annual accounts
• Operating instructions
• Catalogues
• Websites and e-commerce sites
• Advertising texts
• Press releases
• Editorial articles
• Company profiles
• Brochures and flyers

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