Company philosophy
Who we are, what we want and how we achieve it

Company mission statement

As language service provider, we support companies with their international communication, and thus with the implementation of their objectives and the achievement of their business success.

Our customers receive high-quality and individual language services, extensive consultation and assistance, as well as fair prices. A high customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships are what distinguish us

Company vision

We actively form the future of the translation industry by continuously dealing with new topics and technologies, initiating and following innovative solutions, and promoting an open exchange of information.

We are a company where everybody earns their bread and butter, can enjoy coming to work and knows the purpose of their work and their role in the greater picture.

The company offers us free space and opportunities to explore and try out new things, in order for us to develop ourselves further beyond our own horizon and beyond our daily work.

We want others to benefit from our success, which is why we help people in need and are involved with charity work.

Company values

We align ourselves according to our joint values, in order to strengthen the team spirit and to support the leadership and development of the company.

Our Values

We support the values and objectives of the company, and support their achievement through our attitude and behaviour.

We strive for economical success through target-oriented actions and self-disciplined behaviour with a large amount of courage and stamina, because …

… this leads to a stable financial basis, which allows us to always pay invoices, wages and fees on time and to the full extent, to compensate for fluctuations in the market without suffering serious losses, which ensures the survival not only of the company but also of our jobs.

… this creates economic flexibility, which allows us to invest time, labour and financial resources into further developing the company and its employees in a targeted and proactive manner. This serves the purpose of not only keeping up with the challenges, innovations and changes in the translation industry, but also actively contribute to shaping them.

… this goes alongside the sense of achievement, which strengthens our confidence with every mastered challenge and promotes the ability to develop creative solutions as well as a more open mind towards new things.

… this offers our employees a more diverse working day as well as a direct participation in the growth of the company through wage increases.

… this increases the reputation and visibility of the company, which leads to broader and deeper collaboration with existing customers as well as to our services being recommended to potential customers, makes us an attractive and equal cooperation partner for other companies in the industry and attracts accordingly skilled job seekers.

We come to work with a positive attitude and thereby create a pleasant working atmosphere, where everybody can unwrap their potential and find joy in their work.

We observe the following principles in our behaviour towards our team members as well as towards our customers and service providers:

  • friendly
  • respectful
  • appreciative
  • attentive
  • self-possessed
  • tolerant
  • understanding


Good manners promote a good working atmosphere.

Good manners make it possible to criticise without being hurtful and without the situation escalating.

We are loyal to all employees, colleagues, customers and service providers, and cherish the mutual loyalty. We actively work towards permanent employment relationships and long-term business relationships, as we want to collaborate within an atmosphere of trust and reliability.

We use our professional expertise and skills to reliably offer our customers the best possible service.

We always put on customer-coloured glasses in order to act according to the requirements of the customer and offer him a customised solution.

We plan new projects strategically, systematically and resource-consciously, keeping their priorities in mind at all times.

In our external communication, we focus on the benefits and service we offer our customers.

When communicating within our office walls, we appreciate transparency, comprehensibility and the active removal of knowledge barriers, which allows us to complete our tasks in the best possible way and to achieve the company objectives.

In critical situations (both internally and externally) we behave in accordance with our values.

Leadership means that superiors clearly formulate their expectations, and that we receive feedback during regular meetings. Leadership also means creating a working environment, in which we are able to complete our tasks, in which our talents are utilised and in which we can develop our skills further.

We actively work on expanding our professional knowledge and our skills by acquiring expertise in new kind of tasks and by making use of training opportunities.

It is important to us that others can also benefit from our success, which we enable in the form of donations of time (during and outside of work) and money, as well as by passing on knowledge.

We secure long-term and reliable relationships to customers, colleagues, employees and service providers by acting resource-consciously in every respect and anticipating risks and chances. In doing so, we are also securing our own jobs.

We seek the collaboration with others and support our colleagues and employees beyond the limits of our own range of tasks by actively exchanging thoughts and ideas, and by taking on tasks.

We motivate each other, even during tough times.

At all times, we face each other with patience and understanding.

Passing on and taking on responsibility

We take on responsibility both as individual and as team.

We plan our tasks autonomously and try to anticipate any issues that may arise. This includes the organisation, presentation and accountability for the tasks we carry out. We are aware that missteps may always happen, particularly in unfamiliar areas. We openly accept this and deal with it in such fashion that we can learn from our mistakes.

We pass on responsibility as a colleague, employee or superior. In doing so, we express our trust and appreciation.

In passing on and taking on responsibility, we see an enrichment with the potential for creating new processes through the congregation of various approaches and ideas.

We place trust in our colleagues, employees and superiors and accept their trust.

Trust is the basis of the relationship within the entire team.

We have trust in the reliability and the skills of everybody else.

Trust is the basis for autonomous tasks.

Trust is the expectation that everybody completes the tasks entrusted on them in the best possible way.

Trust is the expectation to not face any difficulties through the actions of others.

By showing trust, we promote efficient working, loyalty and mutual respect.

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