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Werner Lierz Managing Director
Werner was able to let his passion for languages flourish by taking over Kocarek Übersetzungen ... Mehr anzeigen in 2007. With his enthusiasm for technology and his experience, he further developed Kocarek GmbH into a modern business and attractive employer. He speaks many languages, appreciates an open conversation about everything under the sun and lives out his creative streak with photography and bread-baking. Weniger anzeigen
Kocarek BG
Nicole Weiss Quotation and Vendor Management
Grown up on different continents in a German-/Spanish-speaking family, Nicole realised very soon how mich fun ... Mehr anzeigen it was for her to juggle with languages. Now she advises our customers with high personal commitment and calculates individual quotations. Her love for languages and different cultures is also reflected “on her plate” as she loves to spoil her guests with good food from coq au vin to apple pie. Weniger anzeigen
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Sebastian Coslar Quotation Management
The reason why Sebastian chose to study Business Administration was that mathematics can also be cool ... Mehr anzeigen and numbers are always true. He thus brings along the best prerequisites to calculate qualified quotations for our customers. In his spare time, he enjoys taking care of his geckos and rabbits or taking dogs from the animal shelter for a walk. Weniger anzeigen
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Susanne Böttcher Head of Sales and Marketing
As a digital expert Susanne takes care of our website and our social media platforms. In her responsibility as ... Mehr anzeigen Marketing and Sales Manageress, she always puts the focus on our target groups and drives the strategic development. When she is not asking herself, "How do we increase and communicate the customer orientation of our services", then she is climbing imaginary mountains on the spinning bike listening to fast beats. Weniger anzeigen
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Marina Badura Accounting and Administration
With organisational talent and as a trained businesswoman in office management, Marina takes care of ... Mehr anzeigen the accounting and all administrative tasks at Kocarek. When there is a lot going on, Marina is in top form, according to the motto: “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. We appreciate her helpful and supportive attitude a lot. This attitude is not limited to her working environment as she is always there for her family when they need her, not only when it comes to computer matters. Weniger anzeigen
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Annika Borgstädt Project Management
Annika is a real “child of the Ruhrpott”. She studied Translation Studies in Germersheim and England. Here ... Mehr anzeigen at Kocarek she particularly enjoys tackling multilingual projects. And at home she also rolls up her sleeves – for example, upcycling her furniture and creating new living ideas. Weniger anzeigen
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Frank Bremer
Project Management

With his many years of service with the company, Frank knows the Kocarek business inside out. He surprises ... Mehr anzeigen us and our regular customers with his knowledge all the time, and cares for continuity and reliability. But consistency is not only at his centre of attention in a professional sense. In his private life, he also keeps an eye on the ball, whacking table tennis balls across the tables as a member of his local table tennis club. Weniger anzeigen
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Katharina Braß
Project Management

Enthusiastic about languages and well organised: Katharina manages the varied adventures of project management ... Mehr anzeigen thanks to her studies of Literary Translation and Dutch Studies. Provided that she is not juggling translation orders, she optimises our Project Management software. For the perfect balance to office life, she enjoys spending her free time with her family and listening to groovy music. Weniger anzeigen
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Alexandra Navruzova-Lang
Head of Project Management

Raised in two different cultural and language worlds – Ukraine and Germany – Alex found an interest in ... Mehr anzeigen intercultural communication early on. After studying Translation Studies, she now works as a Team Leader to ensure the quality of our project management department. She loves to get out of her comfort zone, she never shuns any challenge and finds her centre in the evenings during Krav Maga training. Weniger anzeigen
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Evelyn Sünger
Project Management

As a trained translator in English, French and Swedish with a Master’s Degree in Terminology and Language ... Mehr anzeigen Technology, multilingual translations are Evelyn’s profession. However, she loves organising the interpreting assignments the best. Her personal life is just as “live” and agile, as she teaches Swedish at the VHS adult education centre and practices Asian martial arts. Weniger anzeigen
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Oleksiy Trukhin
Project Management

As a project manager, Oleksiy successfully combines his passion for languages and his fondness ... Mehr anzeigen for planning and organising. Since 2006, he has been guiding complex translation projects safely through the turbulent sea of tight deadlines and technical challenges. He enjoys spending his free time with his two children and he also develops his knowledge in applied psychology further. Weniger anzeigen
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Melanie Hilmer
Translation (French, Italian)

As a Saarlander, Melanie learned the French language and culture early on. Now she lives out her passion ... Mehr anzeigen for languages with all her heart and mind as a trained translator in French, Italian and Swedish. She abides by the motto: “A good translation should not sound like a translation at all.” At home she manages her family of four and relaxes with reading, handiworks and yoga. Weniger anzeigen
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Sarah Justinger
Translation (English, Spanish)

Because Spanish sounds so beautiful and is a world language like English, Sarah decided to study these languages.... Mehr anzeigen As a translator, she is always on hand when it comes to developing CAT tool applications or processes for our customers. Not only does she play the first fiddle there, her musical talent is also evident in her private life when she moves the bow across her violin and digs into the keys of her piano. Weniger anzeigen
Kocarek KK_web_neu
Kerstin Küpper
Head of Translation (English, Spanish)

Kerstin has a passion for languages and music. She has made languages her profession and continuously ... Mehr anzeigen improves the linguistic quality and productivity with her team. Her English and Spanish skills allow her to open the communication channels for hundreds of millions of people. As a passionate music lover, Kerstin compiled an extensive and still growing record collection, goes to many concerts and plays the clarinet in an orchestra. Weniger anzeigen
kocarek DL_web
David Lauber
Translation (English, French)

What makes the world go round? David’s world revolves around translation and vinyl. No matter whether ... Mehr anzeigen it is a well-rounded translation of texts from the fields of marketing, economics or technical documentation, or a clean mix at the turntables: David wants it precise and with the right flow. He gets the necessary stamina for it by swimming, jogging or cycling. Weniger anzeigen
Kocarek BS
Benoît Schneider
Translation (French, English)

Benoît’s heart lies in globalisation. In a world in which good translations are becoming more and more ... Mehr anzeigen important for the success of international businesses, Benoît is eager to contribute his language competence. As a Frenchman he translates German and English technical texts for French speakers across the globe. He loves to travel, keen to discover the many new things between the picturesque coast of Brighton and the Grand Canyon. Weniger anzeigen
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Christopher Schuster
Translation (English)

When Christopher is not working on a translation, he is optimising translation and quality processes with ... Mehr anzeigen the help of various translation tools, always true to the motto “Nothing is impossible". With his British-Bavarian humour he enriches our everyday office life. In his spare time he likes diving into the AR world of "Ingress" or oversees the statistical coverage of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) for the website Weniger anzeigen
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Lilli Stankevic
Translation (Russian)

If there is nothing to translate into Russian, Lilli uses her know-how to keep our translation technology up ... Mehr anzeigen to date. She is always ready to help when a translator is despairing over the software. She enjoys travelling and exploring new landscapes – whether on foot in the mountains or by car across the country. Weniger anzeigen
Sarah Schmitt
Translation (English, Spanish)

After finishing her studies of German, Spanish and Portuguese philology, Sarah ended up on the Canary Islands. ... Mehr anzeigen Driven by the desire for travel and adventure, she lived there for several years. Throughout her travels she consistently noted that languages open many doors. Her love of languages was the main reason why she finally became a professional translator in the fields of marketing and technology. In her private life water sports, blogging and her own jewellery line are offering her creative balance and calmness. Weniger anzeigen
Kocarek Gmbh Fachuebersetzungen Team Muschel
Zoe Angeline Woods

Zoe comes from England and at the age of 11, she first began to acquire knowledge of Spanish and ... Mehr anzeigen German. Her enthusiasm for both these languages initially led her to study for a Modern Languages degree at Newcastle University, before leading her here to Essen. Here at Kocarek she aims to perfect her German, but as an accomplished dancer, she uses every moment of her free time to advance her abilities in Ballet, Tap Dance and Modern Dance. Weniger anzeigen
Kocarek Gmbh Fachuebersetzungen Team Muschel
Joshua Vallance

Josh’s love resides in sports and languages. He came here fresh from the south coast of Wales and ... Mehr anzeigen strengthens our workforce as an intern. He is in the closing stages of his Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting and is now expanding his knowledge at Kocarek, whilst enriching us with his humour and “Englishness”. He strolls around with a smile on his face, even when he is not talking about football or music festivals. Weniger anzeigen

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