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Editing InDesign documents without having to use InDesign – this is what the Kocarek Online Proofing system means in brief. Previously, PDF files were generated using InDesign, and these were sent back and forth between the customer, their branch, and Kocarek GmbH, complete with corrections and notes. Over time this process was found to be very complicated, prone to mistakes, and time-consuming, so we introduced an online proofing tool.

With our online proofing tool, the aforementioned complex processes become unnecessary, because we utilise the capabilities of Web 2.0 and optimal collaboration between the individual participants. These may include the head office, the relevant branch office, or even the agency of the customer.

Using our web-based online proofing system, our customers have access to the print-set translations, and can make these available to their employees and branch offices around the world for in-house proofreading – without any knowledge of desktop publishing (DTP). The employees require nothing more than a web browser, and can see the respective language version in the InDesign layout and edit the texts directly.

We translate your InDesign documents, and import the translation directly into these InDesign documents. After the file has passed through our DTP review, we place all the documents online for you, and issue appropriate access rights for you and your employees. The employees can view the corresponding language version of the InDesign file in its finished layout, and can edit the texts entirely without using InDesign. However, only the text can be edited here – design content cannot be edited. Once the editing of the document is finished, the employee confirms the file. The advantage of online proofing is that multiple people can work on a single document. Every alteration is marked with a username and timestamp, and can thus be traced by every participant, down to the smallest detail. The advantage for us is that the respective alterations are automatically made in the underlying InDesign source document. We thus remove the edited InDesign document from the online proofing system, retaining all alterations, and can then continue to work with the document directly, without still having to make the desired changes ourselves.

This method has already proven its worth to our customers, who use this technology to reliably incorporate their global branch offices into the production of foreign-language documents in a time-saving manner.

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