Chatbots and virtual voice assistants

New technologies enable companies to rethink and optimise their processes. Chatbots can support this, since chatbots offer companies from all industries a wide range of opportunities.

Chatbots relieve the burden with artificial intelligence (AI). They take over routine tasks, streamline work processes and relieve employees.

Customer service and customer support in particular offer great potential for relief as 20 percent of all enquiries often take up 80 percent of the working time. How would it be if you could process some of your customer enquiries automatically?

Service in real time

Imagine that some of these enquiries would be processed automatically. Or that you would be able to answer your customers’ service requests around the clock but your employees would not have to work more. It is obvious that the satisfaction of your customers can be increased, in particular as the expectations of potential customers change in the course of the digital transformation. Tomorrow’s customers have high demand for fast response times. They want to be appreciated and taken seriously, and they want their concerns and problems to be solved quickly.

Artificial intelligence as a solution

Using artificial intelligence and automated interaction in dialogue form, chatbots and virtual language assistants answer your customers’ service requests regardless of the time of day. You will save time and money while increasing customer service and support, which are the competitive advantages of the future.

Development and implementation of chatbots

The linchpin in the development of chatbots is the conversation design. It covers all linguistic areas of a chatbot project: how does the chatbot welcome your customers? What questions does it ask? Which answers should be given and which should not?

With our linguistic know-how as a long-standing language service provider, we work with you to develop the dialogues that your chatbot should conduct with your customers and ensure that the dialogues function optimally and the customer experience is right.

In addition to programming the dialogue sequences, we develop solutions for the integration, e.g. into your CMS or PIM systems, and ensure that the connection to all channels works – no matter whether it is web chat, Facebook, Alexa or any other digital platform or tool.

Localisation in foreign languages

Furthermore, our translation and linguistics specialists localise the conversation into the desired foreign languages, so that you can benefit from the new chatbot technology on the international market.

Advantages of chatbots:

    • Automation of customer communication saves time and resources in customer service
    • 24/7 service and information requests for more customer satisfaction
    • Real-time communication and interaction
    • Process optimisation through chatbots
    • Serve more customers and sell more

We implement chatbots:

  • Conception of the conversation design
  • Implementation in your company
  • Translation and localisation into foreign languages


The secret to successfully designing, building and implementing an engaging chatbot  that will quickly and effectively improve your customer service level while remaining easy to fine-tune and upgrade?
Expert education and in-depth knowledge.

Certified Conversation Designer

Certified AI Trainer

Scrum Master PSM I

COGNIGY.AI Certified

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    Bots in customer service:

    Chatbots are ideal for achieving process optimisation or reducing costs.

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    “The Kocarek team has done an excellent job in localising our chatbots for different countries.
    We at Henkel appreciate the reliability and expertise of the team, as it saves us time when service providers
    along and develop solutions on their own, especially during innovative projects.”

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    We are certified under the international quality management standard ISO 9001.

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